Requesting for Kintsugi

Kintsugi Process

Online Quote

A quote will be given based on the initial description of the item. This quote could differ from the final price if more cracks are found when it reaches our shop.

Click here to get an online quote.


The customer will be responsible for shipping the item to our shop. This will include all packing and shipping costs.

Final cost quote

Upon arrival, we will inspect your item and give you a final cost. The customer will be responsible for the final cost as well as shipping. In the event you don’t agree with the price, your item will be returned to you, and you will be responsible for paying to ship.

Note: If you can bring the item directly to our factory, “Urushi no Komaya” you may skip steps 1 and 2.
If you would still like an online estimation, we’d be happy to give you one.


After confirming the final cost, an invoice will be sent to you. Once payment is made and confirmed, we will begin to work on your piece.

Repair work

Depending on the size of your piece and the number of cracks, the process can take between 3weeks to 2 months.

Returning the repaired item

After finishing your piece, we will ship it out. Please confirm with us once you have received it.

About the estimation

Kintsugi for chips smaller than 1 cm or a piece with a cross-section less than 5 cm will cost 3,000 yen before taxes and shipping costs. The larger the chip or, the more cracks, the more expensive it will be.

  • A discount will be given if there are multiple broken points in one piece
  • You can choose between gold powder, silver powder, or colored lacquer for your piece.
  • Gold will cost 5000 yen, silver/bronze will cost 3500 yen, and lacquer will cost 3000 yen.
  • Many items will need to be inspected first to check for parts without fragments, cup hands, and glass products.

Feel free to request an online estimate first.

Confirm the following items before you order repair

  1. Natural materials that are used include lacquer, gold, and silver. The finished product is not microwave, oven, or dishwasher safe. Do not soak in hot water or water for long periods of time, the lacquer will come off.
  2. While the item will be repaired, it will never be as strong as it was when it was brand new. Please be mindful of temperature change, impact, and shock to avoid damage to the lacquer.
  3. The lacquer will become strong with time. Please handle your item with care, especially for the first few weeks after receiving it.

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