“Urushi no Koma-ya” Factory Overview


In partnership with Komaoto Maki-e Kobo (Komamoto Maki-e Studio)
Takenobu Komamoto: Maki-e Expert/Certified Traditional Craftsperson
14-5-1 Azoda-Cho, Sabae City, Fukui Prefecture, 916-1224

Craftspeople who Support Urushi no Koma-ya

Yoshiyuki Yabushita: Kintsugi Expert/Rep. of Urushi no Koma-ya

“I have been interested in manufacturing since I was involved in sake brewing, I was fascinated by the encounter with lacquer. I want to continue to spread the charm of lacquer to the people using Mr. Komamoto’s spirit and techniques.”


Born in 1973 in Sabae City, Fukui Prefecture, they joined Kokuryu Sake Brewery Co., Ltd. in 1996 after graduating from the Faculty of Humanities at Shinshu University. After working for sake brewing, he was in charge of establishing the planning department and launching the Kuzuryu and Muni brands.

He met Mr. Takenobu Komamoto, a traditional craftsperson of Maki-e lacquer, of Echizen lacquerware, and was fascinated by the power of natural material lacquer and studied under him. In 2022, he established Urushi no Koma-ya. The business’s main focus is in Kintsugi, gold repair. He enrolled in a doctoral course at the Graduate School of Economics and Business Administration at Fukui Prefectural University in 2021.

He is currently studying industrial districts and clusters focusing on the Tannan region. The Tannan region is home to one of the leading manufacturing districts in Japan. He is also a government-certified 2nd-grade sake brewer.

Takenobu Komamoto: Representative of Komamoto Maki-e Kobo (Komamoto Maki-e Studio/Maki-e Certified Traditional Craftsperson.

“If you do your job well, the beauty of lacquer will surely resonate in people’s hearts. I want Yoshiyuki to inherit the unique Japanese culture with Kintsugi, in which you can utilize flat Maki-e of Echizen lacquerware technique.”


Born in Eiheiji-Cho, Yoshida-gun, Fukui Prefecture in 1943. After graduating from Meijo University, he worked for a construction company until 1969, when he studied under his father-in-law Rikizo Komamoto, a Maki-e artist. He then took over the Komamoto Maki-e Studio.

He is striving to improve the Echizen lacquerware technique and educate students for a long time. He himself has learned from many people. He learned the Shishiai Maki-e technique from Mr. Seigetsu Kato, formed the Echizen Lacquerware Group Shitsu-Rinkai with decoration craftspeople, organized the Echizen Lacquerware factory Nokishita Koubou and became the first chairperson.


  • Order of the Sacred Treasure, Silver Rays (2018 Spring Imperial Decorations)
  • Fukui Prefectural Governor’s Commendation for Excellent Successor of Traditional Handicrafts
  • Japan Urushi ware federation of Cooperatives Merit Award
  • Lacquerware Association Chief Director’s Award (National Lacquerware Exhibition Japan)
  • His work was also selected for the Japan Contemporary Crafts Exhibition and the Fukui Prefectural Art Exhibition.
  • And many others

Koharu Yabushita: Komamoto Maki-e Kobo/Maki-e Expert

“I have liked painting for a long time, and I started learning Maki-e under Mr. Komamoto in my fourth year at the university. I enjoy the precise and delicate work of Maki-e and would like to gain more lacquer techniques that allow me to express myself in a variety of ways.”


In 2022, she graduated from the Faculty of International Cultural Exchange, Komatsu University. She began studying Maki-e under Mr. Takenobu Komamoto, a certified traditional Maki-e craftsperson, when she was in her fourth year at the university. She is currently taking a certified traditional craftsperson training program aimed to promote successors of traditional craftspeople organized by Fukui Prefecture. The theme of her bachelor’s thesis at university was “Changes in the State of Craftspeople in the Echizen Lacquerware Industry .”She investigated the current situation and problems the Echizen lacquerware industry faces and summarized the changes in craftspeople in response to them.


  • Echizen Lacquerware Exhibition Prefectural Council Chairman’s Award (2022 )